Various Artists - CD - Misc. Music Sampler

'Misc. Music' is a twenty-eight track sampler from Misc. Music that features some of their
wide-spread and amazingly diverse artists. Misc. Music operates out of Austin, Texas but has its
headquarters in Brooklyn, New York and the best way to tell you what Misc. Music are about is to
quote their slogan, 'The Dysfunctional Music Corporation'; need I say more?

So, you get the picture? Misc. Music aren't one of yer straight-laced, commercial enterprises, Misc.
Music are probably gonna have some weird and wonderful acts on their books! Well yes, aint that
the truth! What you got here is a trip through alternative music world, a journey of discovery, a
musical voyage to find new music, some underlings of the industry not yet fully in the public eye but
striving hard to get the recognition they deserve.

Artists featured here are, Soda Diet, S.L.P. Loop Beats, Lazar Wolf, Channel Catfish Audio, Pulse And
Theory, Frankenbeats, Sado Massechusetts, Eternal Squid, Modern Primitives, Stasis, Damage
Pants, Wasp And Pear, Superpussy, Hookah Thief, Aliens, T4, Gil San Marcos, Dunderhead, Danny
And The Nightmares, Mastertape, Illinois Payson, Vorp, DJ High Priest and The Ramm:Ell:Zee - nuff
clues yet?? Yes, this album is certainly a sampler with a difference; visiting most modern popular
genre from hip-hop to electro-experimentation and stopping off just about everywhere in between,
'Misc. Music' is as 'cultish' as it could be global! Prepare for a ride like you've never experienced
before as the Misc. Music crew blast down the doors of commerciality and blow away the cobwebs
of conformity.

As a simple sampler, 'Misc. Music' does exactly what it says - it introduces the unknowing to the
unknown and once you've met some of these 'babes' you may never feel the same way again about
modern electric music - it could be a life changing experience. But, my guess is that this album will
only be visited by the already musically challenged and the purists and/or easy listeners will give it
a wide berth. Shame cuz if we don't look to change we'll all end up as sensible and boring as the
bulk of popular music has become.

'Misc. Music' is a challenging but really interesting sampler work; the concept, of course, is great
and the execution of that concept here is inspired and very entertaining. Will 'Misc. Music', the
sampler, make a difference though? Perhaps a small one but I don't think it's gonna change the way
of thinking for the star-struck masses. Great work this - I've learnt loads from just my short time
spent with 'Misc. Music' - wouldn't it be awesome if Misc. Music, the dysfunctional music
corporation, could actually manage to break through the barrier of musical pulp fiction and get
some of these artists into the big spotlight?!!

Peter J Brown aka toxic pete (