December 6, 2007
Ear to the Underground this Sunday

Image from MySpace
Ear to the Underground
Sunday, December 9
Salvage Vanguard Theatre
$5, 8pm-12am, BYOB

This Sunday, The Church of the Friendly Ghost and the Misc. Music label are banding together to
bring new, mind-expanding music to the Salvage Vanguard Theatre. The event, called Ear to the
Underground, begins at 8:00 p.m. and ends at 12:00 p.m.
Four bands will be performing; Damage Pants and Aliens from Austin, and Make Your Own Maps with
the painful-sounding Crotch on Fire from San Antonio, both of whom are stopping through our town
on their way to tour the West Coast. With song titles like “Best Kiss Ever” and “Golfing,” Crotch on
Fire seem passably good-natured, but the music pummels your eardrums in short, painful bursts –
listening to all of the songs on their MySpace page takes all of two minutes. Make Your Own Maps
are also pissed, but their lyrics are much more intelligible and the music has a discernible, proggy
Aliens and Damage Pants are part of the Misc. Music imprint, which has also put out albums by
outsider artists Danny and the Nightmares and Jad Fair. Apparently Blake from Aliens has also
worked with Soft Machine’s Hugh Hopper on an as-yet unreleased album (release it!), and Aliens just
put out their own LP called Head First last month. Damage Pants have a new EP in the works as well.
The first thirty entrants to Ear to the Underground will get a free CD, and some complimentary
peppermint Schnapps will also be available.