Constant Velocity - CD - Muttonhead

I have to say I got a real buzz listening to 'Muttonhead' by Illinois rocksters Constant
Velocity. This is my kinda thing; great music, fuckin' excellent words and a real sense
of 'shit, who cares anyway!!'.   They do things their way and sod the consequences!!

And so....'Muttonhead' is compelling, off-the-wall and an absolute blast! Constant
Velocity play together with great unity but, more than that, they exude fun and
adventure as they perform their quite complex works. The writing is kinda
one-of-a-kind and the brutal trio give it everything in an attempt to pull you into their
quirky little rockin' world. For me, the quirky thing is what gives Constant Velocity a
real edge over most of their contemporaries; music should be fun and Constant
Velocity certainly make me smile as they pound out their cuttingly sharp songs with
absolute precision, great musicianship and more than a mere glint in the eye.  
'Muttonhead' is clever, it's dark, it's poetic, it's ballsy, it's a stroke of fuckin' genius!

Constant Velocity, in their press pack, take time to make you think that they don't give
a shit - not true, these dudes care a lot about their collective art and want nothing
more than to be accepted for exactly what they are - a bloody cool outfit with loads to
offer if they are only given a chance in the bigger picture of musical acceptance. Ok,
so Constant Velocity are a little obtuse in the general scheme of things and that's
gotta be a plus for me. They don't follow, they lead, they don't bathe in everyone else's
glory, they strive to make their own way, in their own way, regardless of what trends
are currently running along around them.

Constant Velocity bring fresh new fodder to the ailing manger, they choose to be
different and diverse.  And they benefit from their tenacity to hold on to their unique
identity and their ability to re-model the well-used mould. If I have one criticism here it
would be that 'Muttonhead' is a little on the short side; coming in at just short of
twenty-six minutes I'd expect more from a band with this sort of talent for the sublime
and the ridiculous. I'm not sure where Constant Velocity should be categorised; they
aint just indie and,  with elements of country, hints of folk and more than just a leaning
towards rock they're a bit of an anomaly really. No Matter, it's only words and Constant
Velocity have enough of those to go around already - I think you'll only get the bigger
picture on Constant Velocity by having a listen yourselves. They won't be for
everyone but those takers that get drawn in will find them hard to ignore and
'Muttonhead' extremely hard to put down!!

'Muttonhead' by the excellent Constant Velocity is a great example of modern
genre-straddling music that borders on 'cultish' but has every chance of being picked
up to become a very worthy household name. Love it!!

Peter J Brown aka toxic pete (